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How to Setup Blog in Shopify

Blogs are essential part of Ecommerce websites. The easiest way of creating an audience and attracting new customers towards your online store, you need to blog very often.

There are tons of platforms to use for blogging, but when you have Ecommerce website with Shopify, the best solution is to use its native blogging system. Shopify has made it very easy to setup blog in Shopify. You need to follow some simple steps and you are all ready!


Setup blog in Shopify:

1. To create new blog, goto: Online Store >> Blog Posts.

2. Click on Manage Blogs.


3. Click on Add a blog:


4. Give your blog a name – make sure you name it wisely.

5. Click on Save blog.


Once you have created your blog, you now need to make it visible on your website. The best place for blog link is on main navigation or website footer navigation. Preferred is on main navigation though.


Adding Shopify Blog to Your Navigation:

To add your newly craeted Shopify blog to your navigation, you need to follow below steps:

1. On your Shopify admin, goto Online Store >> Navigation.

2. On Navigation page, click on the menu you want to edit.

3. Click on Add menu item.

add-blog-link-in shopify

4. A new line will appear for you to enter two fields. In Name field, enter your blog name or simply “Blog“.

5. In next field, from drop-down, select Blog.

6. A new drop-down field will appear. You need to select the blog name which you created earlier.


That’s it! you should see your newly created Shopify blog on your website now. Make sure to create some nice posts to make your blog more engaging.


If you find anything out of your expertise, feel free to contact us and we would love to help.


Bigcommerce vs Shopify vs Woocommerce – Detailed Comparison

Bigcommerce vs Shopify vs Woocommerce Comparison


When you are looking to open your online store, the first thing you need to decide is which platform you will be using. This is very important as single mistake in deciding your platform can cost you later when you realize that you can chosen a wrong and very restricting platform. Bigcommerce vs Shopify vs Woocommerce

This is why we are comparing Top 3 E-Commerce solutions (Bigcommerce vs Shopify vs Woocommerce) available.

We deep dived and did the research for you, so providing you with only the best solution and comparison. This Top 3 E-Commerce solution review includes everything from Pricing, Design, User Friendliness, SEO, Marketing, Features to Pros and Cons.

We hope that this will help you in deciding your E-Commerce platform much easily. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact us directly. Now let’s get started!


 E-commerce Solutions Shopify WooCommerce Bigcommerce
shopify woo BigCommerce
 free  $29.95
EASE OF USE    9 / 10 8 / 10  8 / 10 
OVERALL SCORE 9 / 10 8 / 10 8 / 10 

Our Full Top 3 E-commerce Solutions Review

(Bigcommerce vs Shopify vs Woocommerce)



1. Shopify


Top Features:

  • Powers more than 325,000 online stores.
  • Professionally designed ready to use themes.
  • User friendly website builder.
  • Code files are easily editable (HTML/CSS).
  • One of the finest eCommerce solution.
  • Best in class SEO and marketing solution.
  • Shopify personal app store, so you can add functionality to your store as required.



  • Very friendly support, quick response and offers live chat/toll free number support.
  • Best in class SEO and marketing tools.
  • User friendly interface and simple understandable designs.
  • You only have to pay one monthly fee and you have hosting free + eCommerce solution.



  • You cannot create new product attributes other than what Shopify provides. You can simply add as many options under it, but you cannot create new ones.
  • Shopify Checkout page is not customizable (but we like how they put together a nice checkout page layout).



  • Facebook Store – $9/month.
  • Basic Shopify – $29/month.
  • Shopify – $79/month.
  • Advanced Shopify – $299/month.

If you are starting out, you can eventually start with as low as $29/month.



2. Bigcommerce


Top Features:

  • Responsive designs (mobile and tablet friendly).
  • Your store reports and payments gateways comes by default.
  • SEO friendly and marketing tools
  • Live store builder and template customization.
  • Integrates with tons of online services (accounting, marketing, emails, etc).



  • Bigcommerce provides free hosting, so you only have to pay their monthly plan fee.
  • Easy to use marketing and SEO tools
  • User friendly admin panel.
  • Live Website builder, which really helps in making live changes.
  • Reports are well organized and provide with much detail.



  • Plans starting from $29.95/month.
  • Editing code can be sometimes feel difficult if you are not familiar with HTML/CSS.



  • Standard – $29.95.
  • Plus – $79.95.
  • Pro – $199.95.
  • They also offer Enterprise plan for larger online businesses.



3. WooCommerce


Top Features:

  • Open source eCommerce solution powered by WordPress.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Free to use (without any monthly charge).
  • Options to set custom shipping rates/methods.
  • Integrates with almost every payments method out there.



  • Users can easily provide reviews on their purchase.
  • Free themes available on theme store.
  • It’s free to use.
  • Provides you with decent sales/customer reports.



  • You need to host your website yourself on a web hosting.
  • It’s free to use, but that means that you will have to do all the work yourself. That includes building your store, setting up payment, products, and your website layout. Pretty much everything. If you have some web design skills, you surely can do that!



  • It’s free!




We have used all 3 eCommerce solutions, but from experiencing and customer feedback we declare Shopify as the winner.

We hope this helped you in deciding your eCommerce platform. if you liked our Bigcommerce vs Shopify vs Woocommerce comparison, be sure to let us know on the comments section below.

Shopify Design Services – Shopify Web Designers UK

Shopify web designers uk


One thing every Shopify designer believes in is the fact that amazing products need to be in online stores availed to those who require them. By using top Shopify designers whether you’re an innovative, fast growing or demanding organisation you’ll be well served. The Shopify experts you choose should have experience in providing outstanding and high quality ecommerce stores and a growing customer base. Shopify web designers uk


Unique store

Having provided hundreds of Shopify projects only mean that Shopify web designers UK professionals you go with have served customers who now sell online in their own unique stores. Every company deserves a lot more than just a superb build and design. Creating an online store is just the beginning and a Shopify designer understands this very well. Each of the store that’s built, whether it’s a low budget start-up or a big budget billion dollar company should be unique and provided with practical necessities as a standard.

This includes a responsive tablet and mobile friendly design, crisp images and retina ready design in virtually all the devices. Others include such features as Apple Pay and PCI Compliant checkout with a custom dashboard in Google Analytic. Domain launch and payment setup as well as comprehensive assurance of quality should definitely be a standard.


Shopify remains the best

One of the things expert eCommerce designers have done is worked with lots of eCommerce systems out there. In all this, Shopify has always risen to the top of the list. It’s known for making the process of developing, design and launching of eCommerce web stores so easy than other platforms out there. The platform is also known for being customisable and expandable. Other features include access to hundreds of available plug-ins, caters for unlimited products, list to Amazon, Etsy and Facebook, email marketing, physical store interface, discount coupons, PCI compliance, support and hosting by Shopify among others.


Shopify theme development and design

One of the advantages of using a top Shopify web designers UK agency is the fact that you get the kind of theme design you need for your Shopify website. Such a theme design includes a beautiful yet responsive design exclusive to your customers. The imagery, colours to the widgets will be what you want and no ecommerce owner has to go with a pre-designed Shopify theme. It means altering and managing your ecommerce store all year round is the easiest thing. From adding ads in seconds, seasons and sale banners you can actually do what you want. Note that all ecommerce services and not just Shopify themes are designed to be responsive; standard expert Shopify designers take very seriously.


Consistent web store

By responsive design it means the theme will change its font elements, layout and size as per the device it’s being browsed on. As such you’ll be creating the most consistent of experiences for your buyers and web visitors on giant desktops to the smallest of Smartphone screens. This is very important today considering lots of sales across the UK and around the world are taking place in multiple devices from cellular phones to desktops and Tablets. A Shopify website that’s not responsive to mobile devices with a great user friendly design will lose money.


Shopify has immense benefits

Shopify designers understand the benefits that perfectly done Shopify design comes with. This includes consistent email updates, transparent management system for projects, design project manager access and project requirements simple forms. Shopify designs are made to help boost sales through great branding to enhance trust and the cleanest of layouts that gives confidence with build features unique for a specific business.

Shopify is a tested and tried ecommerce platform; the long standing framework offers access to 24/7 support, allows you to grow into Shopify enterprise as well as accessing thousands of customisable plug-ins to use in your web store. Shopify doesn’t limit your growth and you can sell through the website designed, including your physical store, Facebook or even blog.


In a nutshell, Shopify web designers UK will ensure that your Shopify website brings lots of benefits, including:

  • Boosting sales-Considering a great design will enhance trust Shopify websites are made to transform visitors into buying customers whether on mobile or desktop
  • Saves money and time-With features for ecommerce such as order and SEO management you’ll be saving money and time; designer is left to focus on getting the best most responsive design fit for your products and brand
  • Reliable hosting-Shopify ensures the ecommerce website is hosted on a top class platform with a worldwide 100 percent uptime for years amidst being PCI DSS compliant and reliable
  • Bespoke offerings-The truth is not all businesses are the same and some will require customizations and unique integrations, something that Shopify accomplishes efficiently
  • Work with Shopify experts-Shopify web designers UK experts will determine the quality of your ecommerce site. Working with a reputable agency with hundreds of complete Shopify projects will get you what you need.


Choice of a Shopify designer matters

There’re many reasons why you need to select the best Shopify expert to help you actualize your ecommerce site. The first thing you should do is choose a Shopify certified design agency; the team should have a track record of offering quality development and design for Shopify. Such experts create bold, clean designs fit for ecommerce web stores through the use of design elements that boost sales while producing striking unforgettable experiences for users. A Shopify expert can meet any need with a team that excels in marketing, production, design and consultation.


As a customer your ecommerce goals and what you expect from your web store should be heard by the Shopify designers; the service should cover the initial consultation. In so doing the Shopify suitability to meet your web goals will be assessed including other marketing needs such as search marketing and pay per click once the store is up and running. Your goals should be heard before the success routes are defined and accomplished.


Like any other ecommerce web store owner you expect your business to grow quickly and to enjoy gigantic order volume in no time. The Shopify web designers UK agency you choose actually determine this, including how fast you can make use of Shopify Plus, which is great for businesses seeing huge growth in order volume. Whether you want to transform your website or get a professional and modern Shopify ecommerce site up and running fast, you won’t go wrong with certified Shopify designers.


If you are looking for Certified Shopify Experts that can deliver your work with a smile, be sure to Contact Us. We would love to have a chat with you.

Why Shopify Experts are the Way to Go for E-Commerce Success

shopify experts

Why Shopify Experts are the Way to Go for E-Commerce Success

One of the greatest transformations in commerce today is the web, which has given the smallest brands, great product or just an idea the chance to grow and think big. Through beautiful, functional and highly responsive websites that blends the best digital marketing multi-channel solutions Shopify experts make it possible for brands to take on giant competitors and make it on the web in their own right.

Experts with experience

The critical efficiency of a Shopify web designer cannot be underestimated. Think about experts who have created hundreds of Shopify stores, individuals who’re very savvy in all areas of nurturing and establishing online shops. From getting that unique killer designer that leaves your site looking nothing like any other out there to getting those small features right, experts are critical in ensuring your online store functions perfectly. With immense experience in creating real Shopify stores and allowing e-commerce businesses to root themselves in the real world, there’s no way you could go wrong, even in the matter of a Shopify custom theme to set you apart further.

Result driven

A Shopify expert has to go beyond being a great Shopify web designer. Think about results driven marketing in the digital world; traffic is boosted to your e-store where even the browsers are converted into customers you can trust. The experts is always learning and constantly evolving to be better. They work in a holistic way, bringing together holistic strategies and weaving them together from all manner of channels to come up with results aligned with the needs that you have.

Personalized experience


One of the things Shopify experts have in plenty is excitement about their work and your brand. The typical expert in Shopify takes all the time to ensure your needs have been understood and the best advice and insight given, whether it drains their time or not. They could take the easiest and shortest route but when you’re excited about a brand you want to give the best personalised experienced.

Right from conception, development to completion of the project, the Shopify expert takes the time to give you an ear and provide what you want. Understanding what you need is a part of making things happen right. As such Shopify experts are always talking to clients and agreeing on the way forward.

Embracing new features

One of the goals of the Shopify web designer is ensuring every client enjoys e-commerce through the aid of the most stunning and responsive features Shopify provides. E-commerce platforms over the years have always commanded lots of great features and gained a lot of traffic for a typical store owner. However, the integrations have always been costly and constraining due to inflexible designs and limited contracts. But the entry of greater and new features through Shopify Plus has made such matters redundant. It gives users highly intuitive and incredible tools placing them on the top of the world to be even more competitive.

The new features also offer scalable, reliable and secure solution for any e-commerce firm seeking to flourish their business. The administration stress that Shopify Plus takes from the shoulders of a client leaves them to focus on those things that really matter from incredible customer experience to great products.

 Uniqueness of theme customisation

By going for Shopify experts you can end up with more than a unique Shopify custom theme. All the advice you need on customisation of a theme from graphic design perspective is done, including other theme customisation add-ons such as store setup, resizing of banners, changes to layout and page templates, removing and adding social feeds, installation of applications and custom functionality and covering design concepts to meet the needs of specific pages.

High standards demonstrated

Becoming Shopify experts has never been easy and one has to demonstrate the highest standards of web development and design across a huge number of different clients with distinct needs. An expert works hard to remain updated and entrenched in the latest unique industry needs to design web stores that look superb, increase sales and convert better.

Working with a web design who knows what they’re doing means the store will be exactly as you wanted and perfectly designed amidst being optimised for high conversions. The web store also ends up with a high-end feel and look to give customers and visitors the first best impression.

Endless possibilities

If there’s something that’s very clear and highly sought it has to be the first impression. Shopify easily gives a web store owner the chance to impress any guest with the most striking store. Even when you’re after a custom approach to a theme rather than the standard themes out there the options provided are very high as well. Editing the critical elements of a website is very easy with Shopify, in the process making the site search engine friendly. The ease of redirecting pages if you need to, making pages invisible and visible, inputting page title, meta tiles, unique URLs and meta description as required are some of the endless possibilities you have with Shopify.

Strategic Shopify SEO

With Shopify experts you can easily increase your keyword rankings and presence of your organic search right away to dominate search visibility.  The experts will work with you to come up with a unique search strategy driven by results in support of your own vision that becomes the foundation of the SEO strategy being followed. Not every website looks like the other and your brand is unique; the content marketing strategy employed has to ensure the online store increases domain authority while building brand awareness. The idea is working with experts ready to go that extra mile to support all your business objectives.

 Responsive design

Today, around 50 percent of all customers are doing their purchases online using their mobile devices, from Tablets to Smartphones. If you really want to boost your profits and build your brand it’s important to ensure your website caters for this segment of the population. They’re customers that cannot be ignored or avoided. Ensure your site is mobile responsive right from the start to give every customer the chance to browse your e-commerce site from their Smartphones. Shopify experts can make every checkout process a success no matter what kind of device the customer is browsing from courtesy of a responsive Shopify web design. A responsive design enhances buyer experiences and could be the reason a customer returns to your site.

Mind the custom theme

If your online store has very high specialised functionality needs that can benefit better from a Shopify custom theme it’s important to request one from a Shopify expert. For instance, if your e-store requites complex product layout pages that display the products better a standard theme might be very limiting. Also if your site requires specialised functionality like complex informational pages and filtering or advanced navigation, a custom theme will do. Any store with very strict branding needs and wants to be very unique will always find adapting existing themes really hard.

Consider if the design and custom functionality are needed in your business or store, especially while starting out before you seek a Shopify experts for a Shopify custom theme.

Bigcommerce Website Design – Trusted Partner

With new online businesses starting each day, its been really hard to stand out and keep a stable business. With Bigcommerce your can now create your online store with the ease of few clicks. You even don’t have to worry about online payment processing, as Bigcommerce has made it really simple as 1 2 3.  Bigcommerce comes with tons of pre-loaded features that will help you launch a fully loaded online store. Whether it be products, storefront creation, payments, email marketing integration, and many others, Bigcommerce has made it available with just a few clicks. Bigcommerce takes away the hassle of worrying about online credit card processing, separately paying developers for integration and other features, Bigcommerce comes with almost everything pre-loaded that you need to run a successful online store.

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How to Start an Online Business – 5 Easy Steps

Starting an online business can be tricky and daunting, but maintaining it can be a lot more harder if you didn’t followed the rules from the start. Online businesses are great at the same time it can cause great lose if not managed properly.

Today we are going to focus on few, but pin points to save you from great lose and running a successful online business.

1.     Do your research

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How To Start Your New Day The Better Way!



As an entrepreneurs or business owner, you need a good start of your day to utilize time in best way and accomplish as much as possible.
Below are some simple tips to keep you motivated.

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