Our Working Process

We work closely to your requirements, building a website that can:

  • Boost your profitability

  • Get you noticed

  • Put you ahead of your rivals

This is where our expert guidance helps you to achieve your aims.

We have a four-point action plan that will ensure a smooth transition from drawing board to market place

  1. Starting design

First things first – we will speak with you, taking the time to understand your business needs.  Fully understanding your goals, your perceived brand ideas, what you offer to your customers and exactly WHO your customers are will help us to build a website that speaks to your customers with the voice of experience.

We can also analyse your existing website to such a degree that we will be able to establish what elements of it are working for you and which are not.  We will then be able to give you an improved product that stands out in your market place.  It will be expertly tailored to appeal to YOUR customers, resulting in more hits, more enquiries and more sales.

  1. Web development

Using the latest technology we will produce a bespoke website that meets and exceeds your requirements.  We are aware that people have a variety of means at their disposal for viewing websites and we will ensure that your website is optimised to use with with devices such as PC’s, laptops, tablet and mobile phones.

We will also focus on the function of your website.  A good looking website which is not user-friendly will not help you.  The site has to look good but also be functional.  A badly laid out website will soon see your customers losing interest and they will be lost to you. We can make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Testing

If we have designed your website to include check out facilities and links to other areas of your business we will ensure that these work.  Before rolling the new design out to you it will be tested to replicate every conceivable situation.Every single element of your new website has to work perfectly, every single time a customer visits.

We recognise that the checkout areas for e-commerce are a key element of your website and we will ensure that these work every time.  After all there has to be a point of sale in any transaction and if we have helped you to convince your customer that they really WANT that product that you are selling then the website has to be designed to allow the process to reach its conclusion, quickly and without hassle.

  1. Go live

Once everything is in place and we are sure that everything works perfectly we will go live!  As soon as the system is live we can be confident that enquiries and sales will be generated very quickly.  We will, of course, continue to monitor your website and will fix problems should any arise.

We have absolute confidence in our products because we research your market before we start to apply our expertise to your requirements.  You can be sure that the very best practices of website design will be used on your project and the final result will generate the very best results for your business.